Summer Asparagus Salad

Summer Asparagus Salad


Summer is a time to celebrate being able to get your ingredients fresh. Living in Manitoba, we really come to appreciate that farm fresh produce is a certain kind of luxury as the quality and taste of garden vegetables are simply unmatched by what we are able to pick out at the supermarkets. That's why one of the most exciting times of year is when the first crops become ready to harvest. Some of the first produce that we get to see? Springy asparagus, herbs & leafy greens. One of our favourite ways to celebrate those early summer offerings is with this Summer Asparagus Salad. 

This recipe was created by The Farmer's Kitchen team member, Jesse Casson!

Our bodies crave fresh ingredients in the warmth of summer. This salad of roasted asparagus, fresh tomatoes, cucumber & bell peppers all tossed with fluffy Manitoba quinoa and lemony honey dijon dressing is perfect fuel for a late spring or early summer day. 

The hero of this salad is the roasted asparagus, but the fresh herbs and arugula are definitely supporting characters. If you have the chance to try some locally grown arugula, make sure you seize it! It's amazing how much flavour those little leaves can hold when they're grown in the proper setting. We also recommend trying feta from local cheese & ice cream maker, Chaeban, which can be purchased right here in The Farmer's Kitchen! Psst they also make absolutely delicious gourmet ice cream in unique flavours!

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This salad works perfectly as a side dish alongside grilled chicken or fish, or as a vegetarian main course! It would also be a crowd-pleasing recipe to bring to a summer BBQ or potluck dinner. It's refreshing, healthy, easy to make and keeps well in the fridge for a few days.

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