The Farmer’s Kitchen was created to share our deep love & appreciation for food. Food is powerful – literally, it is power for our physical & emotional being. But food can be so much more than simple sustenance. A meal can bring us together with family & friends, ingredients have the power to heal our bodies, a dish can have the ability to comfort our souls. Food can celebrate with us, it is often present at the most important moments of our lives.

An assortment of vibrant vegetables
Fried comfort food chicken
Bread loaf on a wooden cutting board

The ingredients we choose make an impact. Anyone who has had their own vegetable garden will tell you the difference in flavour between a garden carrot and a grocery store carrot. Have you ever noticed the difference in tomatoes when they are in season, or in the variety that you choose? This is what we will share with you, the story of each ingredient in our Kitchen: where it comes from, when, where & how it was grown, how to use it in your recipes to showcase it’s natural perfection – you can make great things with great ingredients. We are here to help make your everyday a little more exciting, nutritious & memorable.

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