The Open Fire Cookbook


Discover all that live-fire cooking has to offer with over 100 delicious recipes in The Open Fire Cookbook.

Whether you’re setting up a firepit for a backyard barbecue or going on a camping trip, this book suits all of your outdoor cooking needs. Go back to the basics with chapters dedicated to meat, seafood, vegetables, sides, and more. There is something here for all appetites. Become a fire master as you learn about building a home firepit, fire safety, outdoor cooking essentials, and next-level techniques for cooking over open flames.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Over 100 open-flame recipes
  • Insight into proper grilling techniques and how to grill specific cuts of meat
  • Detailed instructions for building and starting a fire
  • Tips for cooking with grates, Dutch ovens, skillets, skewers, and more

These bold recipes will bring any meal to life, no matter where you are. Gather your friends and family around the fire for your next meal with The Open Fire Cookbook.