Manchego Cheese (per 100 grams)


Rooted in the La Mancha wilderness of central Spain, Manchego hails from milk of the Manchega sheep. Fostered on the pastures in the heartland of Spain, this semi-hard cheese is identified by its distinctive herringbone rind and sweet flavour. Symphonic strokes of fruits and nuts resonate in clear unison along zesty undertones of piquancy. Induced by the woven mold of grass, unique to Manchego, aromas of dried herbs marinate the interior in vivid contrasts.

With flavours sharpening with age, so does the texture. Past the inedible rind, the ivory-coloured body crystallizes as seasons pass, going from open to granular and flaky in the span of a year. Tiny pores lace the interior, adding to the granular texture as it ages. As the consistency hardens, the flavours deepen, becoming more rounded and toasty in their nuances. Paired with honey, almonds or marmalade.

A staple in Spanish cuisine, Manchego lingers on your palate longer than it stays on your plate.